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My name is Alphonso Soosay. In my 20 years of setting up home theatres for people, I’ve found that people always have difficulty understanding how a home theatre is setup. Terminologies like 7.1 audio, coaxial cable or fibre optic just goes over their heads. I’ve search high and low for a reference book that would help these people. But unfortunately all the books out there did not cover everything. So I decided to compile my own Home Theater Guide.
It took me over 4 years to compile this. Over the last 4 years we have seen so many changes to the Home Theater market. Out goes the VCR and in come the VCD. Then out with the VCD and in with the DVD. And today it’s Blu-Ray. My book covers everything, from the humble VCR to the latest in 3D Technology.

If you are

  • Looking to buy a Home Theatre System
  • Wanting to Upgrade your Home Theatre
  • Still trying to figure out where to plug things in

Then the Home Theatre Buying Guide is for You
I am confident that this investment will save you hundreds of dollars with your current or future investments into Home Theater Components
Don’t believe me?
Then have a read of some of the testimonials from the pre-release version

The world of modern “Home Theatre Surround Sound” is multifaceted. It’s a world of creative individuals comprising audio and visual engineers, producers, musicians, singers, narrators, manufacturers and business people who are the experts in such fields as acoustic, electronics, music, audio visual media, production, marketing and the wide-ranging day to day studio performances of the venture of HD visual, music and sound effects. The combined efforts of this talent pool work together to create a single end product called the master of “Home Theatre Recordings”. It’s only when the audio visual recording process is mixed and completed, the master which is the motion picture soundtrack can be manufactured when required into a final saleable disc called Blu-Ray or DVD.

Dolby Digital Surround Sound and High-Fidelity Stereo systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and are capable of sound reproduction quality that to a large extent exceeds the state of the art a decade ago. But the capabilities of modern HD Dolby Digital Surround Sound and High-Fidelity Stereo systems are often compromised or defeated by unfortunate acoustic environments.

Acoustic troubleshooting is concerned with the control and optimisation of those physical characteristics that affect reflections of sound waves within a listening area and thereby can achieve the audible range natural environment.

Young school leavers and Audio Visual technicians who work in Home Theatre and HI-Fi showrooms will find the complete volume of useful information in this book. It will be especially appreciated by the younger school leavers and sales personal who will become more knowledgeable and thereby being more effective in dealing with setting up and giving advice to their Home Theatre clients.

Chapters in this book cover scores of important aspects of Home Theatre Guide and are suitable for any technical school that offers audio visual courses; also it is very educational for any Home Theatre lovers from beginners to knowledgeable status.

The e-book is objective; it is not sponsored or linked to providers of equipment and services. It is used as a Home Theatre knowledge guide and your Home Theatre reference e-book.

New hardware and software for Home Theatre creeps into the market almost every other day, and no print text can claim to contain state-of-the-art information. This e-book is not a guide to the latest products but a guide to universal audio visual principles and techniques that will remain relevant for a long time.

Con Parente
West Coast Hi-Fi O’Connor 

How Can The Home Theater Guide Help Me

  • There’s a famous saying: “The system sounded a lot better in the shop than it does in my home”. Do you understand why this is the case?
  • Home Theatre Systems are only as good as the person setting it up. Location and calibration of your equipment something that needs to be understood before it can be executed.
  • In almost all cases people who purchase Home Theaters need to get someone to come in and set it up.
  • In other cases the Home Theatre System is never performing to its optimum. Most of the time the user either does not even realise this or feels it’s too expensive to get someone to come in and fix it.
  • When you walk into a home theatre shop do you already know what system suits the size of your room?

Dear Alphonso

After reading your synopsis eBook “Home Theatre Guide” over the weekend, I realise that it serves as a great reference guide for anyone who is interested in home entertainment perception.  To clearly enjoy the characteristics of any home theatre system, one must be able to correctly install the few audio visual components involved. Most home theatres components come with instruction manuals on how to connect their component. At the same time, anyone can improvise their home theatre setup as long as they have the complex understanding of what Home Theatre is all about.
This is a proficiently-written book by Alphonso Soosay. It will be essential for anyone who is interested in getting additional knowledge about home theatre.  It covers most of the topic that I can think off in simple plain English. This new book comprises a far-reaching insight you would not find anywhere and that can be of assistance to those in the process of planning or building their home theatre. It also covers the wide-ranging subject from how to select the right system components, The Forgotten Ingredient of Sound, Calibration of Speaker placement, Home Theatre room calibration, noise control, sound-proofing and equipment configuration, to cabling and all that is required to come up with a great Home Theatre for anyone’s requirements.  Now I can see the logic why it is named Home Theatre Guide.
The diversity of episodes presented in this Home Theatre Guide will make this  a good addition to anyone’s home theatre, and also it will be a beneficial choice for anyone who wants to learn how to get started with a “Home Theatre” experience for their own home.  The objective of this book is to help anyone plan and design an entertainment system that’s right for them.
I wish you success.

Karl Platel
Team Leader
Media loan Center
Building 7 room 106
School of Education and Arts
Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford Street
Mt lawley
Western Australia 6050

These Testimonials Speak For Themselves

This is a very well written, researched and easy to understand guide. It’s all about the how, what and why of understanding, designing and setting up a Home Theatre system. Home theatre fans will easily be able to understand and design a system that’s appropriate for their own use.

Even in this digital age the best research information comes in the form of a book written as a step by step guide. The information is state of the art, clear and can be used as a manual anywhere. Sections have good headings and can be dipped into for specific queries or browsed in sequence. The layout provides a comprehensive overview of Home Theatre and then explains and details the components and how they come together.  For those new to all this, there are also sections on what to look for, what to avoid and importantly, how to find the right home theatre retailer.

This guide includes comprehensive and interesting sections that deal with every facet of Home Theatre. This includes how to install and calibrate your system and how to solve subwoofer problems in your room.

Reading this Home Theatre Guide is like a tour through the necessary steps to establish the home theatre of the individual reader’s dream. It includes the emerging technologies in the rapidly changing world of Home Theatre and its clear style would appeal to all.

This guide written by Alphonso Soosay, who works for Edith Cowan University, has the great advantage that it has considerable subject knowledge explained in a practical, applied and logical way. Home Theatre enthusiasts will easily understand the audio visual requirements and create a system that’s ideal for their own use.

There’s no doubt that when the Home Theatre is completed there will be NO more driving to the crowded cinema theatre.  All the advantages and comfort of the cinema theatre will be in the home. What a reality.

Graham Connell
Edith Cowan University

So Do I Have All the Answers?

Yes….This eBook will give you the answers to THX, DTS and all other Greek terms that you actually need to understand before commiting to something. Don’t take my word for it.
Have a read of the testimonial below

This Home Theatre Guide will prove to be the salvation for most people who are fortunate enough to have had read it.

Several years ago I build a significant home with a separate billiard room and a dedicated room for a home theatre.   I even had movie theatre style draw-curtains installed on either side and across the top on the end wall, and also purchased deluxe leather reclining couches and arm-chairs.   All ready to go, or so I thought.

After making a few preliminary enquiries at both a department store and a dedicated TV/Audio/Home Theatre outlet, I suddenly realized that I knew nothing regarding how to set up a home theatre.   I did not know whether I should use a rear-projection, ceiling-projection and screen, or a large television.   I had no idea that there was 5.1,  6.1,  7.1  audio,  fixed or retracting screens,  marble or ceramic speakers,  DTS or THX, amplifier headroom, speaker cables like Canare/Vampire/TMC/Museaus, etc.,  digital signal processing, equalization, acoustics,  Dolby digital and DTS decoders,  DTS-ES,  Dolby pro-logic 11x,  extended definition speakers,  calibration,  dialogue enhancers,  projector systems such as CRT,  LCD,  DLP  &  LCos,  aspect ratio,  DXP,  DCI,  CSS, progressive scan,  time-aligned speaker,  and so it goes, on and on.

I was totally overwhelmed and found myself both unable to tell retailers what I wanted, and unwilling to be told what I needed.   Confusion now reigns, and a couple of years go by, and I still had an LCD television on a cabinet in lieu of my much wanted home theatre system.

Then at university one day I was having morning tea with Alphonso Soosay, the author of this Guide and my good friend, when I told him of my dilemma.   He then advised me on all the options and eventually, some weeks later, suggested that I read his manuscript entitled “Home Theatre Guide” and edit in my free time.

Isn’t life strange?

During this process, to my utter amazement, I not only gained an insight, but some significant knowledge, of the world of home theatres.   I now felt confident enough and even capable, to design my own home theatre, and install it ……….. albeit two years later than intended.

I cannot recommend this Guide highly enough to both those who know little or nothing, as I did, or those who know something but would like to know more about designing and installing their own stunning home theatre, enabling themselves to be totally enthralled and enveloped by a ‘whiz/bang/u-beaut/super-duper ……hang on to your seats’, virtual audio-visual cinematic experience.

John Ross
Ex-academic (Edith Cowan University & Perth Institute of Business & Technology)  Now part-time academic staff.

Home Theater Buying Guide

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This comprehensive 239 Page eBook which includes:

  •  A complete glossary of all the terms used in a Home Theatre Setup
  • 21 Chapters that takes you through a step-by-step process on everything you need to know about Home Theatres
  • A comprehensive Guide that teaches you how to choose the correct system based on the size of your room to the type of movie or music you want to watch or listen
  • All aspects of 2.1 audio to 7.2 audio explained in detail.  Dolby Digital to Dolby Pro-Logic II clarified in plain English
  • Choice of speakers to buy and learning how to locate them and to calibrate the speakers for your room environment
  • LCD, LED, Plasma and even the latest digital TV with Set Top Box are clearly illustrated
  • Everything you need to know about hooking up your  Home Theatre from amplifier to speakers and source components such as DVD and Blu Ray players