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All About Home Theater System

  All About Home Theater System For most people, the best place to watch a movie is to go to the cinema or movie house…until the VCR or video cassette recorders were introduced in the 70’s. This enabled anyone to transform a normal TV room to a home theater. But with the recent changes, VCRs are now taken over by a number of more complex, yet easier and more satisfying to use DVDs, HD-DVD (high definition DVDs), HDV, DVR (digital video recorder), Blu-ray, TiVo, and online streaming/downloads that can give more life to a usual viewing or recording experience. With these recent innovations, anyone can now enjoy watching their favorite movies anytime and transform their TV room into an audio recording studio.

Home theater systems are installed basically to provide cinema quality video and audio reproductions. It consists of a television and video equipment with special audio systems included, which makes the experience more enjoyable and gratifying.  

Features and Uses of a Home Theater System

For movie lovers, having a home theater will provide better movie viewing experience than having to watch over a normal TV screen.

To re-create a home theater, you will need these basic components: a large-screen television (at least 27 inches, with a clear picture), at least four speakers, an equipment for splitting up the surround-sound signal and sending it to the speakers, and an equipment that plays or broadcasts movies in surround sound with a clear picture, a room where you can arrange all this stuff.

A home theater set-up may consist of a simple installation involving a DVD player fed through a stereo system and a bigger, specially designed TV set.  Or,  it may also constitute a more complex arrangement where an entire room would be professionally wired with multiple speakers and projectors that had been set up together with a projection screen.

Also, the home theater room that houses the home theater system is normally a room without windows, just like that in theater houses.  Home theater set-up provides a touch of class and taste to the room and the home. If you are thinking of securing a home theater system and will not settle down for anything less than the ultimate in home theater experience, then you would need professional installers who will recreate the entire movie viewing room and convert it to one which could provide a cinematic viewing experience.

A home theater arrangement may require considerable wiring, which is needed to connect the multiple speakers placed at different locations, the projectors and other equipment. Thanks to recent innovations, however, there are wireless home theater systems available now in the market that could be another option. This could save you the trouble of setting up wiring networks. Although these are more expensive, they often prove to be worth their cost primarily because of the convenience that they provide as one can be free from the numerous wires and the associated hassles with the wireless option.

Either way, with your own home theater system you can be provided with the experience that you are looking for at the comfort of your own home.

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