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Automate Control of Your Home Theatre System with a GAVA

automate control2We are all living in the 21st century, where the infrared RCs of the 80s are just not enough anymore. Today, remote control must now not only be reliable, but must also be in-built, as well as should be able to function automatically— each day…every day.  Moreover, if it’s really that good, you won’t even notice that it is actually there. Easy to use, intelligently designed and working smoothly without any disturbing noise—perfect for the automation most would ever want to have— this is the design that the generation of today functions best.

Everything around us, at work and even at home, can now be controlled by just a tap of a finger. Thanks to the latest technological innovations, most can now access not only documents on their PCs, manage their finances, even shop or pay bills even without actually going in front of the personal computer, bank or shops. With just a few taps one can have total control of everything even when one is miles away from the location where the document, equipment or system is.

An ordinary remote control may now even be considered a thing of the past. Like using virtual applications to manage most day-to-day activities, even turning on the home theatre device or the lighting system in your house, can now be done with invisible controls. What is more fascinating is that these controls can even be automated easily with the use of downloadable apps that can be installed onto any iphone or android gadget.

In response to the demands of the time, companies like Gefen, a top solutions provider engaged in digital connectivity, has revolutionized solutions to provide scalable solutions that permit audio/video as well as computer systems to be effortlessly integrated, extended, distributed and also optimised for maximum performance. Installers as well as integrators all over the world turn to Gefen for dependable alternatives that can sustain the test of time that is likewise being maintained by trained technical representatives that completes all Gefen solutions.

One of the innovations that Gefen introduced during the fall of 2012 is the  GAVA Audio / Video Automation System—a versatile device that can control one’s home, office, conference room, and even commercial facilities. The GAVA system works in combination with the Gefen PACS (Professional Automation Control System) and also the mini-PACS products to properly control all key audio/video features in a home or commercial setting. It can also automate lighting, temperature, window shades, and even more over a PC’s IP connection.  Gefen utilises an HTML5 interface and is optimised to work with smart phones as well as tablets (both iOS and Android) using a web browser as the control interface.  Gefen says GAVA does not require “any special download applications.”

With a single GAVA system controller multiple users are able to control equipment in several rooms at the same time and with a two-way feedback. The system has been designed with templates and a driver library that enables it to identify, configure the AV equipment  that  can have the system up and running  in just a few minutes.

Moreover, once the system has been configured, GAVA retains a unique IP address that allows any authorised device with Wi-Fi automate controlcapability to access as well as control the entire Audio/Video system. GAVA has been designed to run on a network. However, it does not require internet access for configuration or use. That means even if you don’t have any internet connection, the system will still function.

To reach even more customers and to have the GAVA System available for people who are always on the go, Gefen launched a free mobile app for the GAVA  for customers using Apple and android smart phones and also tablets in March of this year. “The new GAVA app uses a caching system on your mobile device so it doesn’t need to re-load data, providing a faster and smoother loading time when you’re using other apps or when you’re on the phone,” reveals Orrin Charm, GAVA product manager for Gefen. “The GAVA app also makes it easier to find GAVA and to manage multiple GAVA systems.”

Make life easier. Automate control of your home theatre system with a GAVA.




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