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LCD Flat Panel TV: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

LCD Flat Panel TVWhen planning your home theatre, a number of considerations need addressed relating to the audio and visual elements of the set up. One concern would be the type of television that would complement the design. Plasma, LCD, flat panel, rear-projection – these are terminologies that we hear as we start to understand the differences in this area. The most common televisions being purchased nowadays are the plasma televisions and LCD flat panel TVs.

There are a number of advantage and disadvantages of buying a LCD flat panel TV that one should take note before deciding to purchase one. While a LCD flat screen requires lesser space and electricity, still they certainly are not for everyone.

Following, are some of the essential facts about LCD technology as well as some tips that will help you in making your decision. You should also keep personal considerations in mind, and always ask specialists in this field for their opinion if you are still not sure of what to buy.

Advantages of LCD Flat Panel TVs

1. LCD flat panel TV sets have the most options available when it comes to how they are installed. If you decide to have this with your home theater, installation can be as simple as placing it on a standard television stand, or you can opt to mount it on the wall. Most LCD flat panel TVs are aesthetically pleasing as they are sleek and thin. They would fit in well with any home theater set up, and are relatively lightweight as compared to other televisions; hence they can be moved quite easily.

2. An LCD television set is also considered to be good long-term TV investment as it can run for 50,000 – 60,000 viewing hours. Furthermore, most modern LCD televisions also support higher picture resolutions and high-definition display options are likewise becoming increasingly available as well.

Disadvantages of LCD Flat Panel TVs

1. As LCD TVs are made up of liquid crystal display, they are much more likely to be damaged if something hits the screen. LCD screens should always be installed by an expert as an incorrectly-installed wall mount will pull away from the wall over time and cause the TV set to fall off.

2. Another disadvantage would be the cost of an LCD television set as it is generally higher than plasma or rear-projection televisions.

3. You should also consider that while high-definition display options may be available, not all LCD flat panel TVs are HD-ready and even if they are, additional components are normally needed to allow HD programming to display on the screen. This usually adds to the total cost of the TV set to be added to the total set up.

Considering these pros and cons, you would definitely need to consider exactly how much you can spend on a television set that will perfectly fit your home theater setup. This is a major decision to make; hence you’d need to be sure that everyone would be happy with the final result.

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