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Three Of The Best Home Theatre Receivers On The Market Today

surround-sound-receiverEverybody loves going to the movies. The smell of freshly made pop corn, the atmosphere amongst you and others as you eagerly await the start of the movie, and perhaps most importantly, the sound and speaker quality in the theater itself what make the experience so enjoyable.
One of the main reasons that people enjoy going to the movies so much is down to the fact that the complex and highly sophisticated surround sound speaker systems make you feel as if you are actually there in the movie itself.
Now, unfortunately for most people, a trip to the movies is a treat once in a while and not a regular occurrence. The inconvenience of having to travel there and back every time is one of the main drawbacks, as well as the costs. But what about if you could bring the movie experience home to you?
Imagine that, getting to enjoy your all time favorite movies, and TV shows, in movie theatre sound and picture quality, from the comfort of your own home. Well, thanks to home theater receivers you can now do exactly that. If you are unfamiliar with home theatre receivers, then never fear because in this article we will tell you exactly what they are, how they work, as well as looking at a few of the best home theater receivers on the market today.

What is a home theater receiver? – A Home Theater Receiver, sometimes known as an AV receiver, is an electronic device that acts like a hub for all of your other home theater devices. These could include surround sound speakers, and a Blu-ray or 3D player perhaps. Their main function is to amplify the sound from your various surround sound speakers, as well as direct video signals directly to your TV screen via other devices, such as DVD or Blu-ray players.

What is the ideal 7.1 surround sound speak placement? – 7.1 surround sound, is basically an eight channel audio surround sound system that most home theaters make use of. Placing these speakers correctly is vitally important when getting the most out of your surround sound system. The left and right speakers, are commonly placed directly in front of the TV set. They should be placed about as close in height to a person’s seated ear height as you can get. The centre channel speaker should ideally be placed either above or below your TV set. The surround sound speakers should be fitted and placed around you in the whole room. And finally, ceiling speakers can also be added to really finish your system off nicely.

What are some of the best home theater receivers on the market today? – Now that you know a little about home theater receivers and speakers, we can now take a look at a three of the best home theater receivers on the market today.

Denon AVR-1612
This receiver is great for people on a budget, or who are new to home entertainment. It is 3D compatible and can be easily connected to your iphone, ipod, or ipad. A great receiver that really gives you a great sound output. The receiver retails at around $250.

Marantz 6006 AV receiver
This is one of the most superior home theater receivers on the market today. It has both Airplay, and Bluetooth connectivity. This receiver is ideal if you wish to stream photos or movies via the internet wirelessly. The sound and picture quality that this receiver can produce is simply astounding. And at $1,200 it really is a great deal.

Pioneer elite SC68
Finally we get into the top range of receivers. This pioneer is one of the best you will ever set your eyes on. 32 Bit, USB, DAC, almost every feature you can imagine. The sound and displays you will see and hear from this receiver will blow you away, almost literally. It is fully wireless and therefore compatible with all smart phones and other devices, meaning that streaming movies will be an amazing expereience for you. This receiver retails at around $2500 and is worth every single cent.

So there you have it, just a few of the best home theater receivers available to buy today. If you or a loved one has a passion for movies then why not treat yourself, or them, to one of these great receivers. You will never watch TV in the same way again, so until next time.

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