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Tips in Selecting Speakers That Will Work Well With Your Home Theatre Design

home theatre audioHaving the right speakers for your home theatre room (one that will fit in it, will produce the appropriate sound, and comes with the right fitting aesthetics) will bring the entire room together in one organized piece. When looking for new home speakers, consider the size of the room, the appropriate speaker size, the number of speakers that you will need, as well as your budget before you purchase it. You might also want to think about more aesthetic matters like speaker arrangement and the general appearance of your home theatre design with the speakers already installed.

Consider the size of the room. You would need to have a good look at how much space you currently have. Then, estimate your speaker placements and the number of speakers you would have to install. For example, if the room is rather large, you can place your speakers on higher locations. For smaller spaces, place the speakers on the floor to cut down on echoes.  This will make it easier to align your entire sound system. In-wall speakers are another option that will allow you to have quality sound from all parts of the room without having to install floor speakers, hence avoiding unnecessary clutters.

Consider the size of the speaker. Each type of speaker (front, side, center channel, subwoofer) come in different sizes depending on how they will be mounted, the quality of the sound as well as the type of application they will be used. Larger speakers might be able to give you richer and deeper sound but that sort of sound may not be necessary for the size and layout of your home theatre room. Moreove, quality speaker manufacturers are continuously perfecting the quality of sound of the smaller speakers they produce each year. Consider the size of the in-wall speakers you select as well as the size of the speaker will equate to the portion of your wall that would have to be removed to have the speakers installed. A custom home theatre installer can help with defining the parameters for the home theatre speaker size best for your home.

Consider the number of speakers that you will need to install.  A number of the speaker brands offer various lines of speakers that include three, five or even seven speaker configurations.  Considering this, you might need to consult with a home audio technician or custom installer on what would be the best proportion for your home if you are unsure of what you will need.

Home theatre devices are now available in a wide range of pricing that will fit any budget. Top brand quality speakers are available within the range of a standard homeowner, including top of the line speakers for audio junkies who have an excellent ear for sound and a passion for technology. Don’t let pricing stop you from getting the right type of speakers for your home. Talk to a custom installer about your price range and what is most important for you when it comes to the sound quality of your home theatre.


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